LineVision’s new generation of transmission line monitor provides utilities with unprecedented visibility and accuracy on critical parameters for use across multiple utility departments.


Dynamic Line Ratings

Reliably increase the capacity on congested lines with Forecasted Line Ratings and Real-Time Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR).
Forecasted Line Ratings with customizable confidence intervals can be utilized in the Day-Ahead Markets & Operations to provide extra capacity to integrate additional renewable resources and increase market efficiency.
Forecasted Line Rated are validated in real-time by field measurements and are being continually improved by machine learning algorithms that tune the Forecasted Line Rating with the historically predicted rating and the sensor based historical as-measured rating.


Asset Health Monitoring

Improve your Transmission Planning and Maintenance strategies by prioritizing the repair and replacement of lines that are most critical based on the module’s estimation of remaining conductor life. 
The Asset Health Module creates an asset digital twin, integrating both historical and real-time data from the target transmission line in order to compute its baseline health from LineVision system data.
Integrating line design engineering specifications, information obtained after a line is built, and real-time field measurements the module is able to output a continuous assessment of conductor condition.


Situational Awareness for Operational Safety

Help prevent fires and damage caused by excessive conductor sag and blowout in and near your rights-of-way by continuously monitoring the position of your conductors to confirm they are performing within their acceptable operating limits.
Elevate your Risk Management Strategy knowing you have verified historical data for line clearances that can be leveraged if called upon for reporting.
Give your operators real-time situational awareness with measured clearances and horizontal motions, triggering alerts on exceedances to allow for corrective action such as preemptively switching line loading before an incident occurs.



Download the V3 Datasheet                        Additional Services:

V3 Datasheet

DLR Profiling Studies

Do you have a network constraint that may benefit from DLR? Evaluating several options to alleviate it? Our DLR Profiling Study can estimate the incremental line capacity provided by LineVision and DLR based on back-casted DLR simulations for your specific line base using historical weather data. The LineVision DLR Profiling Study can give you the confidence to move forward with the right solution for your site.

Transmission Conductor Assessments

Questions or concerns on specific lines, spans or aging asset performance? Need “Ground Truth” to validate whether lines are operating within safe clearances and temperatures? LineVision’s Transmission Conductor Assessment is a flexible service to validate line performance. 

This turnkey service uses our patented non-contact monitors to measure vital parameters of your critical lines. This complete service includes the equipment, installation, calibration, analysis and custom report. The LineVision V3 system can be deployed for 90 days or up to a full year capture data over different operating and environmental conditions to ensure confidence for safe and reliable operation. 

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