Defining the state of the art in transmission line monitoring and asset management

LineVision’s new generation of Transmission-line monitor provides utilities with unprecedented accuracy and visibility on their transmission line assets.

Non-Contact DesignV3 Lattice 10-12-18

LineVision provides the industry’s only non-contact Transmission Line Monitoring solution,  with simplified installation, increased flexibility, and lower costs than traditional conductor-mounted systems.  LineVision’s proven system integrates over 15 years of development and experience gained from having over 5,000 units deployed along with validation with some of the world’s leading utilities and system operators.

The V3 System combines two patented LineVision technologies for unrivaled accuracy and ease of installation. Each V3 monitor contains the proven EMF sensor for collecting real-time data on the line’s electrical properties, while the optical sensor tracks conductor position. LineVision’s flexible non-contact system can be mounted on the tower structure, eliminating the need for costly specialized equipment or difficult to obtain outages.

Turnkey System

LineVision is not simply selling equipment. We provide turnkey systems including installation technical direction, maintenance, software licenses, connectivity and warranty.  This approach ensures that we are partnered with our utility clients and committed to their success.

Powerful Data & Analytics

LineVision leverages advanced analytics and machine learning to provide clients with essential operational data, alerts and forecasts including:

New Interface Screenshot

• Real-Time Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR)
• Forecasted Line Ratings (1-48hrs)
• Short Term Emergency Limits
• MW, MVAR, Power Factor
• Conductor Sag / Clearance
• Conductor Blowout / Horizontal Displacement
• Conductor Tension
• Conductor Temperature
• Icing and Galloping Detection
• Site Specific Weather Data
• Magnetic Field In Corridor
• Asset Health & Remaining Conductor Life


Secure Web Interface and Datafeed

Interface Login

This data is available to clients through a secure web interface and/or encrypted data feed for EMS integration.


Powerful Analytics for Asset Optimization

At LineVision, we believe that you can’t manage what you can’t measure.  By continuously monitoring transmission lines and delivering accurate real-time data, historical data, and alerts we’re helping our clients improve the operation and management of their transmission line assets.  LineVision gives clients complete situational awareness of their asset's performance, improving reliability with real-time alerts on clearance limit exceedances, icing and galloping, and enabling condition-based asset management. 


Uncompromising Reliability

LineVision recognizes that reliability is the number one priority of our utility clients.  We continually strive to increase the reliability of the grid by delivering ratings and alerts based on actual line conditions.  In addition, our turnkey solution gives you the confidence that we are monitoring the health of your LineVision systems for maximum up-time.


Leveraging Industry Standards

The LineVision team are contributing members of CIGRE and IEEE PES and leverage industry standard line rating and forecasted rating methodologies to ensure compliance and reliable management of transmission lines.