The Dynamic Grid

At LineVision, we see a bright future for power utilities. One in which more is demanded of the grid – more renewables, more variable flows, more reliability, and growing demand due to the electrification of everything.

To support this future, the grid must be smarter, more flexible, and more reliable. Transmission owners are demanding new levels of visibility into asset performance to safely and reliably manage increasingly variable generation profiles and aging assets.

We are helping utilities address these challenges with tools to continuously monitor and optimize existing transmission assets and answer questions like:

How much load can I safely put on my line now … in 4 hours?

Do I have a clearance violation? Icing? A structural issue with my tower?

Can I extend the life of my aging transmission line … or does it need to be replaced?

LineVision is committed to delivering the tools and data to make the Dynamic Grid a reality for our utility clients.